AI is the new brand name for trendsetting Machine Vision Systems. Simple by Design.

With this mission statement the proven Machine Vision Systems of EngRoTec- Solutions GmbH, which are in operation since several years mostly in automotive production environments, were recently merged under the brand name AI and are now available for a wide field of applications in different industries through their simple operability.

The focus designing the AI products is the simple usage and the flexible ability for integration.
The impressive result is a variety of standardized solutions for different measuring tasks and materials, as well as the possibility for very simple integration into modern control systems through included interfaces.

This concept has also been implemented throughout for the more complex robot guidance systems. Whether one or multiple sensors or robots, whether 2 D or 6D, the configuration of the systems is very simply done.
The focus on simplicity has also taken place for the operation of the systems. E.g., an exchange of a sensor only takes a few minutes.

Thereby, AI offers today already a variety of possibilities, which are consistently expanded and which, for the most part, are unique on today’s market. In addition, there will be more exciting features of our software VISIONELEMENTS3 available shortly.

EngRoTec group with more than 200 employees at national and international locations intends to strengthen the strategy in its division “Machine Vision Systems” through the foundation of AI for the continuous extension of the business. It now consolidates not only High- Tech- Products, but also a highly skilled and motivated team of experts behind the new brand.

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