All good things come in VISIONELEMENTS3!

After having developed for one year and a half, in June this year the core of the AI product family will be released: VISIONELEMENTS3.

Directly following VISIONELEMENTS2, which has been proven in practice, VISIONELEMENTS3 will be the basis of all AI products. The focus of the development of VISIONELEMENTS3 was placed on the simple operation and the easy implementation in the field of Robot Vision and automation. Image processing is used more and more in these fields and the complexity of tasks is increasing continuously. VISIONELEMENTS3 is the solution for these tasks and offers an interface to robotics and PLC by means of the newly integrated automation interface. It can be chosen between different standards and protocols as for example Industrial Ethernet, digital input and output and of course Ethernet TCP/IP. Smaller measuring tasks up to complex multi-sensor-systems can be configured quickly.

Following the strategy „Simple by Design“, new projects can be created very easily by VISIONELEMENTS3. The configuration of the task can be done by little clicks. Not only the desired measuring, but the complete measuring environment can be created at the same time as well! Individual coordinate systems, designs of the installations or only robots and the used sensor – the process will completely be visualized three-dimensionally by VISIONELEMENTS3.

The setting of parameters itself has been simplified. VISIONELEMENTS3 suggests required components, dimensions to be measured as well as testing adjustments and will therefore help to achieve the required result very quickly.

The users have the possibility to create a project based on PC or a smart sensor project (e. g. with the VISIONSCANNER2). At creation of a smart sensor-project project laptop with VISIONELEMENTS3 for setting of parameters and error diagnosis can be used. It will not be a problem having errors during the parameter setting. The change management system records any changes of parameters and resets them if necessary.

Multisensor systems as well as single sensor projects enable at any time a quick and simple extension with further sensors. Each project and the complete parameter setting can be stored and transferred to any sensor. Assemblies can simply be enlarged and new sensors can be put into operation or be changed without effort.

The connected sensors can be found reliably within the network by VISIONELEMENTS3. The completely new developed sensor management will find each sensor at any desired network configuration. The found sensor will be chosen, assigned to individual network parameters and connected to a new or existing project. This can be done at every time with any sensor.
Are you interested in VISIONELEMENTS3? Then please visit us at the AUTOMATICA in Munich (hall B5, booth 107)! You will experience very closely the variety of VISIONELEMENTS3, interacting with sensor and robots in our robot cell. Or try the possibilities of VISIONELEMENTS3 at one of our “discovery installations” at the fair.