4.0 ingredients for a successful Human- Robotic- Collaboration with High- Payload- Robots

AI, as part of EngRoTec group, realizes in close cooperation with its partners B&R and COMAU Robotics an Automotive Closure Assembly Process through “Simulative Best Fit” featuring a Human Robotic Collaboration through a High- Payload robot.

The innovative assembly process is not only featuring the compensation of part tolerances in 6D for a production with less rework, it also provides the possibility for usage of existing data on a central database. Thus, the guided assembly is even possible without sensors, which presents a revolution of modern production plants.

Big savings in floor space through higher performance compared to previous HRC- production scenarios were achieved through the usage of B&R´s “OpenRobotics” technology in connection with a High- Payload robot from COMAU.
This leap has been possible through the fact that COMAU robots use numerous components from B&R in their controllers and thereby innovative concepts, such as the HRC- set up at EngRoTec, can be realized. Basis of those kind of concepts is the central control of the whole production line including the robot by just one controller.

EngRoTec did the planning and put it into practice within few months. Thus, the core competences in the area of robotics, automation, as well as safety engineering and machine vision were utilized.
EngRoTec has been supported, next to the direct Project Partners through BMW (car body), SICK (safety components) and UNIVER (gripper technology) with delivery of multiple components.

B&R is an international operating cooperation from Austria with double-digit growth over the last years. 2015 B&R made 585 Mio. In sales with 2820 employees. (Source: press release B&R)

With 12.500 employees, COMAU is one of the leading companies for automotive production equipment in the world. COMAU always supplied robots to the market, now COMAU is marketing those since 2015 under the brand “COMAU ROBOTICS” to strengthen their market position.

EngRoTec group with more than 200 employees at national and international locations intends to strengthen the strategy in its division “Machine Vision Systems” through the foundation of AI for the continuous extension of the business. It now consolidates not only High- Tech- Products, but also a highly skilled and motivated team of experts behind the new brand.

For more information, please contact us under info@ai-engrotec.de.